A basic human need is safety. We desire to live and work in a safe and secure environment. Protection against events that can hurt us and people intent on harming us is critical. This is why security is so important.

Security at Home

Residential security solutions keep us and our family safe in our home. Our first thought is protection against intrusion, which is a fear many people face regardless of where they live. However, there are other residential security concerns, too. These include smoke and fire detection, gas buildup detection, water leak and flood, and medical alert and emergency.

Another often sought-after option is personal emergency response service (PERS), which provides a means to call for help with the push of a button. These are ideal for senior citizens, people living alone, and those with medical issues or physical limitations that could prevent them from making a phone call when they need help.

A comprehensive, full-service residential security system can monitor your home for any of these issues and signal a warning should a breach, alert, or critical situation occur. With residential security systems, you can have peace of mind where it matters most—at home.

Security at Work

Business security solutions provide two levels of coverage. The first is when people are in the office, to keep them safe. Since most people spend about 25 percent of their time at work, this is a critical consideration.

The other level of coverage is when people aren’t in your office. This protects your building or campus by continually watching over it. Since most businesses are unoccupied 50 to 75 percent of the time, business security solutions keep watch over your facility and its contents when no one else is there.

Similarly to residential security solutions, business security solutions can cover incursion, smoke and fire, gas buildup, water leak or flood, and medical alert or emergency. With business security solutions you can have peace of mind for the safety of your staff when they’re working and the protection of your building and contents when they aren’t.