CCSP Monitoring and Security serves the United States from its Tennessee-based location. Tennessee was strategically selected for its high-caliber workforce and low cost of living, along with it being a really great place to live.

Premier Alarm Monitoring Service

A total safety package is only as good as its weakest link. Making the selection of the right alarm monitoring company is just as critical as purchasing and installing the correct system. Therefore, if you buy a quality alarm and security system, you need a quality alarm and security monitoring service to professionally handle alarms and alert notifications.

False Alarm Prevention

Police departments and fire departments are negatively affected by false alarms. This is an inconvenience to the people poised to address emergency situations, but even more so it prevents them from quickly responding to real emergencies. Some municipalities assess fines or levy penalties for excessive false alarms. That’s why it’s critical to take steps to prevent them. Select a 24/7 alarm monitoring facility that knows how to reduce false alarms, while still providing a timely response.

Outsource Solutions

At CCSP Monitoring and Security we monitor all the alarm systems we install from our own state-of-the-art, alarm-monitoring call center facility, which provides continuous, 24/7 premier alarm monitoring services from the heartland of the United States.

System Automatic Testing

In addition to alarm monitoring, make sure you select an alarm and security solution that provides auto-testing. Then ensure your 24/7 monitoring service can interface with this to verify that proper alert communication takes place, address anomalies, and initiate a quick resolution should a problem occur.